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Vampire Hunter Drama Part 3 is part two, and there's a link in there to part one.

Anyway, the arch rival of Sean Manchester, the guy who has been annoying me since I was a teenager and the subject of the last two posts on the subject has emailed me as of last night. This guy has a criminal record a mile long, from digging up corpses and violating them on down.

But at least he's more eloquent in his madness than Machester. here's David Farrant's email to me.

Dear Alex Lucard
I was most intrigued by all your comments here about the so-called Highgate Vampire; not least about myself being a 'vampire hunter'! It would appear that you arrive at most of your conclusions about the Highgate Case and myself from sensational accounts you have gleaned from the internet the problem is however that almost invariably, most of this inaccurate sensationalism as been posted up by Mr Sean Manchester himself (Please note he is NOT a genuing bishop) and if you check back on these accounts you will see that I have only been forced to correct unfounded public allegations made by Mr Manchester himself - albeit frequently hiding behind his usual aliases.

It is not my intention to argue against all the points you have recently made on the insidepulse website, as I appreciate you, like anybody else are entitled to personal opinions (however wrong or misguided these have proved to be in your particular case).

I will just say one thing however, to set the record straight for you - ... I am NOT a 'vampire hunter', in reality I am just a psychic investigator and I do not even accept the existence of 'blood sucking vampires'. Mr Manchester apparently does (as he has publically stated in his self-published book The Highgate Vampire), but that is really his problem! In passing, I can conclude by saying that my non-acceptance of Mr Manchester's ridiculous public claims he makes about 'vampires', has been the main reason for his campaign of hatred against members of The British Psychic and Occult Society and myself.

Yours Sincerely
David Farrant
President BPOS.

NB: In the event that you might be interested my main website can be found at also could I refer you to Occult Forums International Vampire Thread, Off Topic Occult. The link is from which Mr Manchester has just been publically banned (within the last 3 or 4 days or so.

SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! Sigh. My email to him

Ummm...Dave? That column you read of mine was me printing the whack job hilarious emails Manchester sent me. Re-read the column. Those are his words, not mine with me making fun of him at the end.

It was in reference to the column I wrote back in Jan '05 ( where I recanted the entire Highgate vampire saga.

I know Manchester very well. And by that I mean, I know him by reputation very well, as he's been the butt of American folklorists and parapsychologists for as long as I can remember. Norrine Dresser, Paul barber, Carol Page. All of us snicker quite profusely at the whole "Highgate Vampire" incident.

I'll tell you what I told Manchester: Stop acting like children. Both of you. This happened 30 years ago. My god, both of you are old enough to be at retirement age soon and you're carrying on like schoolchildren about an event maybe 5% of the world remembers and only a fraction thereof even cares that it occured.

All your sniping between the two of you does makes you both look foolish and foppish. Like attention whores deserpately clinging to some sort of public limelight when one of you just needs to start completely ignoring the other. I don't care if he starts it, or is just really good at getting your goat, because the end result is STILL the two of you bickering of the world wide web. Please stop.


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The SeanGate Tapes
2006-06-04 08:08 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen


IN THE LATE 1970’S/ early 1980’s, Manchester was visiting me regularly at my flat near Highgate, in North London; the main purpose for his visits, to keep up to date with events at the time; especially the progress of two libel actions I had in motion then against the Daily Express and the News Of The World. The first of these actions was against the Daily Express and was heard in 1979; the second (against the NOW) was concluded in 1980. Manchester obviously learned about the result of my libel case against the Daily Express as this got into the national press and was discussed on an evening TV chat show, but he said he had a fantastic idea to get publicity out of the then pending case against the News Of the World … by calling him as a witness! He said he could never be seen to turn up voluntarily, but that I could subpoena him over the Highgate vampire business; that way, he said, he could give evidence on the ‘vampire’ but as a ‘hostile witness’ (by virtue of being subpoenaed) he would stick to that only, and he stressed that he would not be hostile against myself. He said he could summon the media and then arrive at the High Court and emerge from a coffin in a hearse drawn by four black horses!

Obviously I did not trust Manchester’s motivations; in particular, his promise that he would not be ‘hostile’ to myself once he was in the witness box. But I pretended to go along with his idea; mainly to prevent him from otherwise contacting the media with his own hidden agenda.

As it transpired, the case was over before Manchester even learned about the result from the local press…

SEAN MANCHESTER … What I want to know is, where’s my subpoena? … Where’s my subpoena?!


SM … Where’s my subpoena?! (Pause) What I don’t understand is, why you don’t trust me?

DF: (Laughs aloud)

SM: Why is it that you don’t trust me? You obviously don’t trust me!… I mean you must regard our present level of co-operation over the past months, or a year (I don’t know) has been the best level of co-operation you could achieve between us … I mean we’ve never been at a better level of co-operation…

DF: Oh year. I know that but …

SM: So why did you blow your case completely? Why did you blow it?

DF: Oh! I was waiting for you to mention that …

SM: I mean why? We agreed that we were going to do a scene. I mean, you got so little out of it… I mean fifty quid…

DF: Yeah. But I got the costs, you know …

SM: You mean, in terms of cash; you mean, you haven’t actually got to pay the costs…

DF: No. I got the costs; it’ll be about £4000. But that’s going back over three years.

SM: Well, all I can say …

DF: That’s on the level …

SM: Well, all I can say is that in terms of publicity, you got very little. You got two paragraphs - one in the Ham and High, one in the Hornsey Journal, which is negligible. You’d get more if you were arrested for dropping pigeon shit on the ground.

DF: (Laughs)

SM: You would. And … And, you know, even Time Out haven’t touched it, which is quite incredible I think. So publicity wise, it’s dead; money wise, well, you’re well fifty quid - which isn’t really a great deal, against £20000. It’s a shame, but the biggest thing that I can’t understand is… why…you know, have I been wasting my time discussing a possible stunt which is going to attract a lot of publicity? (Pauses) I tell you, if we’d have done what I thought we were co-operating to do, you’d have received national coverage…

DF: Yeah. I know. I know…

SM: I was going to hire a hearse with four horses, and a coffin and everything …

DF: Well; I don’t know. You know. I think the thing was so dead … I really think that were not going to publish it anyway. I really think that they closed ranks on it.

SM: Well, there was nothing to publish. There was nothing to publicise really. Four days isn’t a very long period. But I wonder, what on earth possessed you to go alone ?

To Be Continued…

This article first appeared in David Farrant's book, The SeanGate Tapes which was published in 2005 [ISSN 1747-7077], and of course this is in the public domain.

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2006-06-05 10:32 am UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen

DAVID FARRANT: Oh, just tell me, just for my own benefit, because obviously I’m not going to use this, that [referring to a picture of Anthony Arthur ‘Eggman’ Hill in the catacombs of a cemetery] was taken in Kensal Rise Cemetery…

SEAN MANCHESTER: Kensal Green, in the catacombs.

DF: What was he actually doing? Who was he with, Welch?

SM: No.

DF: No, what I’m trying to get down to, is was that a real skeleton?

SM: Yes, absolutely.

DF: In that case, how would it stand up?

SM: It was made to do that.

DF: But it would fall over, wouldn’t it?

SM: No, actually there was somebody, you can’t see in that picture, but on the other side there is somebody holding it, being very careful, it was absolutely covered in dust and cobwebs and that, and somebody propping it, what in fact they’d done is… see, it’s very difficult, if you’ve never been down to Kensal Green catacombs, I don’t want to get you to go down there…

DF: I’m not going to. Don’t worry.

SM: Anyway, at that time, I don’t know if it’s the same now, but I think it must be, because I know someone who went down there very recently, a female, for photographic purposes. I’ll say nothing beyond that. But as recently as within the last year, a female went down to photograph these very same pictures, and she got a similar picture to that one of Arthur… See, what you can do is, a lot of the coffins are just completely lying around, they’re on shelves, some of them are tilting already, and some of the skeletons, it’s almost incredible, what you can do is, you can kind of tilt the coffin up, and you can sort of hold the best part, they’re like lumps of… how they hold together, is, it’s difficult, it’s like rot, it’s all rotten, everything down there is dripping and damp, and …

DF: Is it easy to get into?

SM: It is if you know how. It is relatively easy. It isn’t for the public, because, the public entrance is… like, there’s a grate on the ground, you lift the grate up on the ground, and you go down these stone steps, and then there’s a door, and that’s how you used to go in, and it’s riddled, like honeycombed.

DF: You don’t seriously think I’d go anywhere near it, after the Highgate troubles?

SM: No, no. But that door now, they’ve put a spike in the ground, so you can’t bring the door forward. But there is another entrance that I know about, and obviously others, Eggman knows about it. It’s in the chapel, behind the altar, there’s a curtain, and behind that there is a door, and there’s a lock on this side, so that people in the catacombs can’t get out that way, but if you go in that way, you go behind the altar, and you move the curtain, you unlock that door, and you go down the stone stairs, and at the bottom there’s another door, you open that door, and you’re right in the middle…

DF: But what was he actually doing in there, seriously? I mean, it is true, I know he’s involved in all that.

SM: It’s difficult to say what the fascination was. I really don’t know, other than a morbid attraction. But in those days, you’ve got to remember it was pre-publicity, really, and he had no real bother about having pictures taken of that kind. But I mean, now…crikey!….

DF: But he’ll never know how I’ve come into possession of it …

DF: It’s such a nice day, are you waking through the woods? ‘Cause I’ve got to get something from Highgate.

SM: And you want to make it while it lasts, it’s not going to last long is it?

To be continued… This was first published in the SeanGate Tapes by David Farrant, 2005 ISSN Number 1747-7077 and is in the public domain

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