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Vampire Hunter Drama Part 3 is part two, and there's a link in there to part one.

Anyway, the arch rival of Sean Manchester, the guy who has been annoying me since I was a teenager and the subject of the last two posts on the subject has emailed me as of last night. This guy has a criminal record a mile long, from digging up corpses and violating them on down.

But at least he's more eloquent in his madness than Machester. here's David Farrant's email to me.

Dear Alex Lucard
I was most intrigued by all your comments here about the so-called Highgate Vampire; not least about myself being a 'vampire hunter'! It would appear that you arrive at most of your conclusions about the Highgate Case and myself from sensational accounts you have gleaned from the internet the problem is however that almost invariably, most of this inaccurate sensationalism as been posted up by Mr Sean Manchester himself (Please note he is NOT a genuing bishop) and if you check back on these accounts you will see that I have only been forced to correct unfounded public allegations made by Mr Manchester himself - albeit frequently hiding behind his usual aliases.

It is not my intention to argue against all the points you have recently made on the insidepulse website, as I appreciate you, like anybody else are entitled to personal opinions (however wrong or misguided these have proved to be in your particular case).

I will just say one thing however, to set the record straight for you - ... I am NOT a 'vampire hunter', in reality I am just a psychic investigator and I do not even accept the existence of 'blood sucking vampires'. Mr Manchester apparently does (as he has publically stated in his self-published book The Highgate Vampire), but that is really his problem! In passing, I can conclude by saying that my non-acceptance of Mr Manchester's ridiculous public claims he makes about 'vampires', has been the main reason for his campaign of hatred against members of The British Psychic and Occult Society and myself.

Yours Sincerely
David Farrant
President BPOS.

NB: In the event that you might be interested my main website can be found at also could I refer you to Occult Forums International Vampire Thread, Off Topic Occult. The link is from which Mr Manchester has just been publically banned (within the last 3 or 4 days or so.

SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! Sigh. My email to him

Ummm...Dave? That column you read of mine was me printing the whack job hilarious emails Manchester sent me. Re-read the column. Those are his words, not mine with me making fun of him at the end.

It was in reference to the column I wrote back in Jan '05 ( where I recanted the entire Highgate vampire saga.

I know Manchester very well. And by that I mean, I know him by reputation very well, as he's been the butt of American folklorists and parapsychologists for as long as I can remember. Norrine Dresser, Paul barber, Carol Page. All of us snicker quite profusely at the whole "Highgate Vampire" incident.

I'll tell you what I told Manchester: Stop acting like children. Both of you. This happened 30 years ago. My god, both of you are old enough to be at retirement age soon and you're carrying on like schoolchildren about an event maybe 5% of the world remembers and only a fraction thereof even cares that it occured.

All your sniping between the two of you does makes you both look foolish and foppish. Like attention whores deserpately clinging to some sort of public limelight when one of you just needs to start completely ignoring the other. I don't care if he starts it, or is just really good at getting your goat, because the end result is STILL the two of you bickering of the world wide web. Please stop.


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David Farrant - Liar, Fraud and Interloper
2006-06-03 04:33 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
Farrant appeared at Clerkenwell Court in August 1970 where he was charged with being in an enclosed area for an unlawful purpose. Defending solictor Mr Jeffrey Bayes pointed out that Highgate Cemetery cannot be described as "an enclosed area." This technicality secured Farrant's release in 1970. However, we should also remind ourselves of what the magistrate, Mr J D Purcell, said when Farrant appeared before him whilst on remand at Brixton prison: "You should be seen by a doctor."

BBC "24 Hours" (15 October 1970) invited Farrant to make a contribution due to his arrest on the night of 17 August 1970 when police discovered him prowling about in Highgate Cemetery with a crudely made cross and a stake.

What Farrant reconstructed for the BBC television programme showed him going through the actions of "stalking a vampire" at the time of his co-ordinated arrest. This footage was in relation to why he was arrested and nothing else. The programme itself was titled "Vampires" and when asked about his "vampire hunting" Farrant, of course, did not say, "I don't believe in vampires," far from it; he went along with the notion he had given to all and sundry that he was in the graveyard to try and impale the Highgate Vampire.

On the day after the BBC transmission, Farrant appeared in a newspaper which showed photographs of him supposedly stalking a vampire with his cross and stake late at night in Highgate Cemetery. Barrie Simmons, the newspaper's journalist, joined Farrant for a "midnight date with Highgate's Vampire" as recorded in the London Evening News, 16 October 1970:

"I joined a macabre hunt among the desecrated graves and tombs for the vampire of Highgate Cemetery. ... David Farrant, 24, was all set, kitted out with all the gear required by any self-respecting vampire hunter. Clutched under his arm, in a Sainsbury's carrier bag, he held the tools of his trade. There was a cross made out of two bits of wood tied together with a shoelace and a stake to plunge through the heart of the beast. Vampire hunting is a great art. There is no point in just standing around waiting for the monster to appear. It must be stalked. So we stalked. Cross in one hand to ward off the evil spirits, stake in the other, held at the ready. Farrant stalked among the vaults, past the graves, in the bushes and by the walls. When we had finished he started stalking all over again."

In 1987, however, Farrant admitted to being responsible for a "hoax." The newspaper in question was the Finchley Advertiser which on 30 July 1987 (based on an interview with Farrant) claimed that he started "rumours of a vampiric haunting" in 1970 (which we know is not true) concluding with these words: "Mr Farrant supported the vampire theory in the local and national press, but now concedes the idea was 'just pure fiction'."

We do not have to take the Finchley Advertiser's word for it, of course, or even Farrant's word; we have the archive photographs of him stalking the vampire with his rosary, crucifix, holy water, large cross and sharpened wooden stake. We have the taped interviews that Farrant so kindly provided at the time. And, finally, we have the BBC television footage of Farrant reconstucting his lone vampire hunt which led to his arrest by police on the night of 17 August 1970.

Farrant's part in the vampire saga was an elaborate hoax purely for the sake of his own self-aggrandisement, but that does not mean that others investigating the phenonemon from as far back as early 1967 (a time when Farrant was not even resident in the UK) were anything other than genuine.

Farrant slowly began to fraudulently adopt the nomenclature of the British Occult Society as his own, which was hotly denied by the Society itself. When Farrant appeared at the Old Bailey in 1974 he still described himself this way. Hence court proceedings were quoted with the prefix “self-styled” by newspaper editors and media journalists. In 1983, however, Farrant decided to amend the usurped name to “British Psychic and Occult Society.” He had spoken to the press about his “thousands of followers” (Hornsey Journal, 23 November 1979), and even went so far as to claim a number as high as 20,000 (Finchley Press, 22 February 1980).

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Re: Sean Manchaser - Pimp, Failure and Genital Warts Sufferer
2006-06-03 05:11 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
Sean. I understand that when you get old, you may lose some senses, but surely you're not senile & blind!

I have posted the pictures proving your guilt and yet again, you avoid answering the questions.

Why was you dressed like a Nazi?
Why was you dressed like a Satanist?
Why was you associating with John Pope?
How did you knoe Pope had written for a BNP magazine?
You said it was NF.
The NF no longer exist officially.
Are you saying they are now an underground movement?
If that's the case, then you must be very close to the inner circle to even know that.
Why did you lie about 'Lusia'?

Now for once in your miserable life, stop posting a cut and paste of what a bunch of slack jawed halfwits and sycophants think about you, and just answer the questions.

If a lie detector test does go ahead, I suggest a heavy media involvement, that way neither party can lie when reporting it themselves.
The media will have the final word in print.

The only reason for you not wanting the media involved, is because you are shitting your pants at the thought of you being found guilty...agian.

Once more, for your senile benefit.

Page 1

Page 2

Picture 3

Bradish Threat

Archbishop Shórñ Scrotum

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Re: David Farrant - Liar, Fraud and Interloper
2006-06-03 05:40 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
Just out of interest what is he interpoping into?

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Re: David Farrant - Liar, Fraud and Interloper
2006-06-04 08:57 am UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
Farrant fraudulently claimed to hold the position in an investigative organisation already held by Bishop Manchester.

Farrant was neither "president" nor "founder" of the British Occult Society. Indeed, he held no membership whatsoever in that organisation, as they were quick to point out at the time.

Farrant's latter-day revisionism in his self-published pamphlets indicates an interloping where the Highgate Vampire investagtion is concerned. What he has claimed in the last decade and a half bears no resemblance to what he was saying at the time. It was physically impossible for him to have been doing most of what he now claims because the dates and events do not match to where he was and what he was doing at the time.

There also exists taped conversations between him and Tony Hutchinson which conclusively prove that Farrant intended to concoct a ghost story in early 1970 for the media and then later claim it was all a hoax. When he heard about a rumoured vampire in his local pub he switched from ghost to vampire in the following month, but his initial letters to the press stuck to his original ghost story scam. They he jumped on the vampire bandwagon and tried to usurp it. He failed and has held a grudge ever since.

End od story.

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