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Vampire Hunter Drama Part 3 is part two, and there's a link in there to part one.

Anyway, the arch rival of Sean Manchester, the guy who has been annoying me since I was a teenager and the subject of the last two posts on the subject has emailed me as of last night. This guy has a criminal record a mile long, from digging up corpses and violating them on down.

But at least he's more eloquent in his madness than Machester. here's David Farrant's email to me.

Dear Alex Lucard
I was most intrigued by all your comments here about the so-called Highgate Vampire; not least about myself being a 'vampire hunter'! It would appear that you arrive at most of your conclusions about the Highgate Case and myself from sensational accounts you have gleaned from the internet the problem is however that almost invariably, most of this inaccurate sensationalism as been posted up by Mr Sean Manchester himself (Please note he is NOT a genuing bishop) and if you check back on these accounts you will see that I have only been forced to correct unfounded public allegations made by Mr Manchester himself - albeit frequently hiding behind his usual aliases.

It is not my intention to argue against all the points you have recently made on the insidepulse website, as I appreciate you, like anybody else are entitled to personal opinions (however wrong or misguided these have proved to be in your particular case).

I will just say one thing however, to set the record straight for you - ... I am NOT a 'vampire hunter', in reality I am just a psychic investigator and I do not even accept the existence of 'blood sucking vampires'. Mr Manchester apparently does (as he has publically stated in his self-published book The Highgate Vampire), but that is really his problem! In passing, I can conclude by saying that my non-acceptance of Mr Manchester's ridiculous public claims he makes about 'vampires', has been the main reason for his campaign of hatred against members of The British Psychic and Occult Society and myself.

Yours Sincerely
David Farrant
President BPOS.

NB: In the event that you might be interested my main website can be found at also could I refer you to Occult Forums International Vampire Thread, Off Topic Occult. The link is from which Mr Manchester has just been publically banned (within the last 3 or 4 days or so.

SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! Sigh. My email to him

Ummm...Dave? That column you read of mine was me printing the whack job hilarious emails Manchester sent me. Re-read the column. Those are his words, not mine with me making fun of him at the end.

It was in reference to the column I wrote back in Jan '05 ( where I recanted the entire Highgate vampire saga.

I know Manchester very well. And by that I mean, I know him by reputation very well, as he's been the butt of American folklorists and parapsychologists for as long as I can remember. Norrine Dresser, Paul barber, Carol Page. All of us snicker quite profusely at the whole "Highgate Vampire" incident.

I'll tell you what I told Manchester: Stop acting like children. Both of you. This happened 30 years ago. My god, both of you are old enough to be at retirement age soon and you're carrying on like schoolchildren about an event maybe 5% of the world remembers and only a fraction thereof even cares that it occured.

All your sniping between the two of you does makes you both look foolish and foppish. Like attention whores deserpately clinging to some sort of public limelight when one of you just needs to start completely ignoring the other. I don't care if he starts it, or is just really good at getting your goat, because the end result is STILL the two of you bickering of the world wide web. Please stop.


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And all on the say-so of a convicted felon - how very convincing!
2006-06-02 12:40 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
Everything being levelled against Bishop Seán Manchester is on the say-so of a convicted felon with a grudge going back decades; someone who is a pathetic little man convicted of indecency in a Barnet churchyard, threatening people with black magic, desecrating and vandalising Highgate Cemetery. Someone, moreover, found to be a compulsive liar by magistrates, judges and juries. All the malice, misrepresentation and mayhem stems from this one person. Only a misguided fool or someone with an equally depraved agenda would take any notice of him.

The pictures (illegally published here by a Farrant dupe) are being totally misrepresented. One is not the bishop at all. The other is a reconstruction that was infringed by Jean-Paul Bourre and used without the consent of the legal copyright owner in his French book. Bourre, for those who don't realise, was a close associate of Farrant's at the time. Thorne, who stole the other picture, collaborated with Farrant at the time. Both pictures were originally used to misrepresent what they are and they are still being used that way by Farrant. Their reproduction is an infringement of copyright and this is currently being pursued with the relevant authoritiy as all the culprits, accessories included, reside in the United Kingdom.

“I have spent most of my life studying accounts of vampirism, and have indeed visited Highgate Cemetery on numerous occasions. How it has changed over the years! I am interested in research into any accounts of actual vampirism, from the writings of Dom Augustine Calmet through to modern day accounts. I have a copy of The Highgate Vampire [by Seán Manchester] which I found very interesting. I remember the events at the time they happened and the various newspaper reports. It was then that I first came across the name ‘David Farrant.’ I met him once in a pub near Highgate and found him to be a compulsive liar and there was something shifty about his mannerism. I have since warned many people to stay clear of him.” ~ Andy Pryce, Birmingham (UK), 19 February 2001

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Re: And all on the say-so of a convicted felon - how very convincing!
2006-06-02 01:21 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
On the say so of someone who claims to kill vampires? Need I say more? On the say so of someone who claims descent from Lord Byron--without proof--visions of Princess Diana, the Holy Spirit and St Francis--need I say more? On the say so of someone who claims to have seen and killed a giant spider--need I say more?


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Re: And all on the say-so of a convicted felon - how very convincing!
2006-06-02 04:17 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen


IT WAS in October 1977 that one of Manchester's escapades with the Press went badly wrong, and an exclusive story in which he claimed to have 'uncovered' a subversive organisation, was shown to be an elaborate hoax. In fact, Manchester had approached the Sunday People claiming to have uncovered a secret and sinister Nazi organisation called The League of Imperial Fascists who he said (and claimed he could 'prove') were bent on 'taking over the country.' He claimed this organisation was run by a Nazi fanatic, known only to his followers as 'The Commander.' But it gets better . . .
As evidence to support his story, Manchester sent to the Sunday People a set of photographs portraying two people dressed in Nazi uniforms and another (in a similar guise) of somebody he called 'The Commander'.
Now, according to Manchester, he had managed to 'infiltrate' the Group which was how he had come by the photographs; but the Sunday People became suspicious when he failed to provide proof of anybody's identity. (After all, it was reasoned, that as a matter of public interest - which this appeared to be - and that as he had initially approached the newspaper 'in the public good' he should at least have been prepared to disclose the names of people that he claimed posed such a danger to Society.)
But the Sunday People were not to be so easily taken in, and they decided to do some checks of their own on Manchester's highly suspicious claims; and after a full investigation - which involved interviewing and secretly tape-recording several people - they discovered the true identity of the three 'real Nazis' portrayed in Manchester's photographs. But it gets much better . . .


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Re: And all on the say-so of a convicted felon - how very convincing!
2006-06-02 04:22 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen

It transpired, that the first of these was a long-standing acquaintance of Manchester's called John Pope who, when confronted by the Sunday People about hailing himself as a 'fully fledged Nazi', quickly admitted that the whole thing had been a hoax instigated by Manchester himself, who had persuaded him to dress up in Nazi costume to aid an article he was writing.
"This was all Sean's idea", Pope stressed. "I have not even heard of the League of Imperial Fascists. I want nothing to do with the resurrection of Hitler. But he made me dress up as a Nazi recruiting officer to help him with a good story."
Pope said much more which was secretly recorded. But his final comment to the People really summed it all up ... "He conned me." ('He' as in Manchester).
The other person portrayed in the photographs Manchester submitted, was a young blonde girl also similarly decked-out in Nazi uniform and described as a dedicated follower of this sinister Organisation. She however, quickly 'went to ground' when she learned that the Sunday People were on her tail ... which was maybe just as well, considering she was a young girlfriend of Manchester's called Katrina whom he used to escort regularly to a local Highgate pub!
But it was the identity of the mysterious 'Commander' that most interested the Sunday People. For, as events unfolded, it was discovered that the photograph of the sinister looking 'Commander' was no less than Sean Manchester himself, posing on the stairway of his Holloway flat some 9 years earlier!
Needless to say, the result was a sensational expose of Manchester by the Sunday People, who openly accused him of being a 'faker' and a 'liar'. His reputation was in ruins, but for reasons best known to himself, Manchester decided against taking a libel action against the Sunday People.
Things moved slowly for Sean Manchester after this, although in the years that followed - and due mainly to increasing pressure from people who simply didn't believe his desperate denials that he was one and the same as the 'Commander' - Manchester finally volunteered the identity of the mysterious Commander. (Well, of sorts) ... His real name was 'Byrne' and he was operating covertly from a 'secret cell' in Dublin.
A classic machiavellian response from our unrepentant hero. Some would say a Freudian slip as the word 'Byrne' sounds uncannily like ... 'Byron'!! David Farrant

NB As a matter of interest, I was discussing this matter with Manchester one day early in 1982 during one of his frequent visits to my flat at the time. This followed a libel I had won against THE NEWS OF THE WORLD the previous year. I asked Manchester why he hadn’t taken similar action over the SUNDAY PEOPLE article.

“Unlike you,” he said, “I’ve got too much to lose!” I asked him what he meant and he proceeded to give a discourse on the ‘tricks’ of the legal system and how it just wasn’t worth it. But he said that the case still wasn’t out of the ‘Statute of Limitations’ and that he could still take legal action. He said that he had a good case because . . . “Looking at that picture” [the one of Manchester dressed up in Nazi uniform] “nobody could tell that its me.”

I secretly recorded this conversation and, subsequently, still have the original tape.


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Re: Mr. Manchester and The Stolen Human Bones
2006-06-02 05:52 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
So many lies have been copied and pasted here by Mr. Manchester calling himself the ‘Vampire Research Society’, that maybe readers would like to read some TRUE facts about Mr. Manchester’s TRUE personality.

In the late 1970’s early 1980’s, Mr. Manchester visited David Farrant on many occasions. David Farrant secretly recorded many of his conversations with Mr. Manchester, I just thought people on here would like to read one of these. (just for the moment) …

Mr. Manchester And Stolen Human Bones

David Farrant, has in his possession, many secret tape recordings he had with Mr. Patrick Sean Manchester - before he was pretending to have been ‘ordained’ as a ‘bishop’ in 1991. In many of these, Manchester can be heard ridiculing the very Christian ideals he nowadays claims to uphold. In one such tape (recorded in 1981). Manchester can be heard relating how he entered a Christian burial ground and ‘stole human remains’ to further him in some secular project. He was accompanied by the late Spike Milligan who, in turn, was duped by Manchester’s protestations at the time. The following transcript is completely authentic, as can be proved by comparing it with the original tape recording.

SEAN MANCHESTER: If you do hear anything, let us know, won’t you? I’m really tied up at the moment, I’m doing a project with Spike Milligan at the moment, to save some trees.

DAVID FARRANT: Where’s he live, still up near Highgate, or Finchley?

SM: No. Not Holden Road; he left there in the early seventies, He lives at Monkenhurst. It’s a Victorian palace, like a church, it’s all stained glass windows and turrets. It’s in the crescent opposite Hadley Woods. He’s got a fantastic place. Spike and I have formed a campaign in the area, ‘cause we live very close, to protect the trees, as the property’s just been sold, and also to protect some unlisted monuments. And also we’ve found that in the eighteenth century there’s some bones of some bodies under there, although it’s not marked, and that they have to have an Act of Parliament, you see … we’re trying to prove that there’s bones … Don’t you every say anything, I don’t want it to be thought that Sean Manchester’s involved in the subject, but you know what Spike and I done? We dug up some bones, human bones, and we buried them, and we stuck them under there, in this area which we don’t want to be developed. And if they find them … you see, if when they do a survey, and they find these bones, human bones there, they have to bring in an Act of Parliament to develop the area, and therefore they won’t be able to chop all the trees down.

DF: Well, where the hell did you get the bones from?

SM: From a cemetery.

DF: You’re kidding?

More To Follow,

The Highgate Vampire Research Society

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Re: Mr. Manchester and The Stolen Human Bones
2006-06-02 06:21 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
SM: No, there’s a little one…there’s an old dilapidated one nearby …

DF: Not Monken Hadley?

SM: No, no, that is the nearest one, but there’s another one, in St Alban’s Road. We just put a few human bones, just enough to stop them from being able to develop. But don’t you ever say anything. It was Spike’s idea … Spike doesn’t care about old bones, he just wants to save the trees … He doesn’t give a monkey’s…he says the trees and the animals are more important ‘cause they’re living … we’ve got other things planned as well, we are actually going to chain ourselves to the trees, if they ever come to chop them down… You’ll probably be hearing more about it, because in about two weeks, we will be doing a television interview to talk about it, and we’re also going down to Downing Street with a massive petition…

DF: Is it just you and him, or are there other people involved?

SM: Him and I have created the actual committee, but there’s lots of people involved, film starts, all sorts of people have come in on the act, Sidney Chapman, the MP for Chipping Barnet, but we’re the protagonists, we actually started the campaign.

DF: But what sort of bones were they? Was it a skull, or just a finger bone, or what? Not a great big leg bone?

SM: No, I think one was an armbone, and a collarbone, that kind of thing, whatever we could get hold of.

DF: How deep was it?

SM: Well we buried it reasonably deeply, in an area where …’cause he knows more about the ground then I do … where it would make sense, where it’s reasonable to assume it would have been there at that time.

DF: How do you know it’s going to be discovered?

SM: Oh, because they’re surveying the area, to develop on it, and they’re going to have to do tests, you see, and even if they did miss it, a bulldozer will turn it up. And even if they miss that, they’ll find it one way or the other, because we’ll send the press along. And while they’re there, we’ll say, Oh, what’s that? There’s no way it will be missed. But we can prove in any case that it used to be an ancient burial site, because in the eighteenth century we know that it was a burial site, and they might even find some in any case. See, it’s a woodland …

DF: Is it near his house?

SM: Well, it’s not too far away… It’s been brought through an agent by a property company… see what the worry is, all that green’s going to go, and they’ll build really rich posh places on it, and we don’t want that; sod, these… a couple of Arabs and a Jew and a Greek living there.

DF: I just can’t imagine you walking along the street with human bones!…

SM: He’d do anything to save a tree. Crikey! I remember when he was living in Holden Road and I was going out with his daughter, Sheila …

To Be Continued …

The above extract first appeared in David Farrant's book The SeanGate Tapes published in 2005 (ISSN 1747-7077).

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